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Care Support Mimamori digital nursing medical record system

Strong support of nursing. Care Support Mimamori Drastic cost reductions to system deployment

Have you hesitated to introduce a new system due to its steep costs? This system provides data in real-time to users and their families. Simply move the costs of usage fees onto users in order to drastically cut down on the cost of implementation.

Achieve major cost reductions in the usage fees incurred by families. Real-time updates ensure safety and peace of mind

Do you often receive messages of concern from the family members of users? This system reflects vital information on users in real-time, allowing families to get the information they need immediately. Releasing details on the person’s diet and other lifestyle details will ease families’ stress. This real-time system also makes work more efficient.

Tablet entry ensures an efficient workflow

One pitfall to introducing a new system is lost time spent on data entry and administration. To that end, using tablets lets you input just what you need, when you need it, achieving increased efficiency. The system can also be administrated on computers, letting each personnel member have a context configured to them. You can drill down to offer just the functionality you need, so there is no complex operation.

Computer and tablet device integration ensures smooth operations.

Computer and tablet device integration ensures smooth operations.

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